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Samples of the yarn and fiber are provided at Customer's Request.

After shearing the llamas every Spring, we set aside the finest fiber to make yarn, scarves and hats. We will provide you with the name and photo of  the llama or alpaca that contributed the wool. Raw fleeces and processed fiber is available.

Some hats and scarves are available; others are custom orders. The photos may not do justice to the QUALITY of the products.

Proceed to the order form, where you can purchase these great products or call me.
Cozy Warm Scarves

Hand-spun, hand-knitted scarves in 50% Home Grown Llama, 25% Alpaca and 25% Australian Merino are available. We offer a wide-variety of natural solid colors that can be custom ordered. All scarves are knitted by Cozette in the color and pattern of your choice and  fringed and hand-knotted with yarn of the same color. We all love to wear them!

    * Regular length. 5"x 42" with 4 " fringe

    * Custom Made Scarves are wider and longer

White/Cream, Cinnamon, Brown, Black or Gray

Regular Scarf
Price: $50.00 each

Scarf & Hat Set
Price: $85.00 plus shipping

Custom Made Extra Long Scarf
Price: $85.00 each
Molly Llama 100% Cotton Print  Draw String Bag 15"X18" - $25 + $5.75 S & H
Black Leopard Pillow 11"x13" - $20 + shipping
Cheetahs Pillow 13"X20" 100% Cotton - $35 + $15 S&H
Molly Llama by Hoffman 100% Cotton Print Apron with Pockets Reversible. $40 + $10.00 S&H

Reverse Side of Molly Llama Apron with Pockets.
100 % Cotton 12 " x 18 1/2" Molly Llama Pillow $25 +$10 Shipping
Peacock Feather Apron with Pockets 100% Cotton
$25 + $10 Shipping
Reverse Side of the Peacock Feather Apron with Pockets 

100% Cotton 11 1/4"x 11 1/2"  Molly Llama Pillow  $20 + $10 S & H
Small Cheetah and Lepard  Pilow 100% Cotton 9"X 18" $25 + $10 Shipping
Lion Couple Pillow 100% Cotton 12"X13" $30 + $15 Shipping
Molly Llama by Hoffman Balls of Yarn with knitting needles 100% cotton print drawstring bag  11.5"X18.5" - $15  plus $5.75 S&H
Molly Llama by Hoffman 100 % Cotton Print with Balls of Yarn and Knitting Needles  Bag -   13.5"X 16"    $20 plus
$5.75 S & H             
Elephants and Zebras 100 % Cotton Pillow - $25 + $10 Shipping