Female Llamas
 GHLC Kendall  ILR# 294246
​ dob: June 19, 2014
 Sire:  GHLC Wild Dream
 Dam: GHLC Kylie     
 Bred to The Graduate May 2021
 Live Birth Guarantee.



Mementa  # 294061 dob: July 30, 2019 Sire: CARU Steel the Moment
Dam: CARU Arabesque   
To be sold with Lyra 
PVL Chilean Iced Indulgence #290471 
 dob: July 15, 2016  Sire: PVL Chilean Scorpion King  Dam: Destiny's Indulgence .  
PVL Iced Indulgence (Elsa)  GHLC Whataday (Dixie) GHLC Kendall, GHLC Passion Play (back) Blueberry (Gelding) Right Front   
GHLC Honey Crisp dob June 12, 2020 # 294129  '
Sire: RGA Rocky    Dam: GHLC Applesauce
Honey Crisp is to be sold with her Mother and sister.  Applesauce had a spotted female, Ambrosia born  June 23, 2021   
Lyra dob: July 4, 2020 Sire: Lyric
Dam: Genebellas Inca Charm  Sold with Mementa.

GHLC Applesauce  ILR# 293880
DOB: June 14, 2017
Sire: GHLC Wild Dream
Dam: GHLC Highlights sold with
with daughters GHLC Honey Crisp
and GHLC Ambrosia born June 23, 2021.
PVL Anastasia #293963 dob: August 12, 2012
​Sire: PVL Chilean Addison  Dam: Precious Angel
​Sold with PVL Ana Connie 
Stage Stop Icy Hot #290581 Sept.4, 2016
Sire: MGF Icebreaker 
 Dam: Stage Stop Comfort    Bred   to Male of Your Choice
PVL Ana Connie  ILR # 294268
DOB: June 3, 2016
Sire: M.R.S. Milestone
Dam: PVL Anastasia
Sold with her Mother, Anastasia

Roxywood's Pass the Stuffin' 292276
November 22, 2018   Sire: Graffiti's High Roller  
Dam: Millie Mckelvey   Very Tame. To be sold with Blueberry.