Female Llamas
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 MGF HOT LIPS  $1000
 ILR# 275890
Birthdate: September 4, 2007
Sire: Chilean San Juan
Dam: Chilena As Slick Chique #126B

My Favorite of the Favorites

$2500 for Hot Lips and Colibri.

Hot Lips is to be sold with Colibri. 
 Call or email for more information.
 PVL Chilean Coraline

Birthdate:  September 28, 2013

Sire:  M.R.S. Milestone
Dam: PVL Chilean Cacciatore
​ILR#  288104

White Star's She Stole My Heart  "Heartlyn"  with her new male cria Heart Lee born May 25, 2019
  Heartlyn  sold with    Cresha.  ​
DOB:  July 18, 2003
​ILR#  251938
Sire: HCLA Bolivian Soul Man
Dam: Saltspring Kirite Kanawa


Magic Fantasy

Sire: SRLL Mandragoran​
Dam: Secret Weapons Fantasia
DOB: 10/30/2018

Has been sold with her Mother and Aunt and her Buddy and her Buddy's Half Sister and her Mother's  Buddy!  I love keeping these Family and Friends All Together. That's how I buy them and that is how I sell them. Or else I will keep them.

COLIBRI  $1500
Sire: Chileno Corona  
Dam HCLA Bolivian Blue Denim 
DOB: October 15, 2005
ILR# 265449
To be sold with Hot Lips $1000/or for the two females: $2500
GHLC Blackberry  ILR@ 268714

Sire: GC's Totally Nuts
Dam: Abby of Tunitas 
DOB: October 29, 2006 

Blackberry had a black/gray female born October 19, 2019.

$3000 for the two females.