About Us
Cozy Cove Farm has been our home for the past  twenty five years. We raise llamas and alpacas for their soft single coated fiber. Throughout our lives, we pursued careers very distant from farming and raising livestock. Tony worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for thirty-six years.  Cozette was self employed and managed hundreds of apartments. We also raised two sons, Daniel and Chris.

In 1993, we designed and built a dream 
home. Shortly after we moved in, Cozette discovered horses. Many hours were spent taking horseback riding lessons. Soon we were the proud owners of three American Saddlebreds that were boarded. Within a year, we found  a twenty-four acre farm; renovated the old barn with four stalls and the horses were moved in. By March, 1995, we purchased the adjoining twenty-two acre farm with a very small frame house, nestled under two-hundred-year old oak trees. We sold our perfect house, moved in. Our new Life had begun!

Two months later, we were on the Interstate in Tennessee, when a van passed us. A strange creature was swaying  in the back.  It was E.T.!  We caught up with the van and motioned for the driver to pull over. The lady was laughing at us and pulled off at the next exit. To our delight, we saw our first sheared alpaca. We were informed about  a Pet Expo to be held the next week in Knoxville. We went, we saw, we bought! You will see on our website,  llamas and alpacas that are registered with sweet dispositions, fine fiber, good conformation, and  beautiful faces. It is our goal is to sell fiber and these gentle animals to people who love them as we do. We are happy to provide information regarding the animals and their fiber.
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